Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dormer Reveal. The End Is Near.

I really wanted to wait and show you the room all staged and magazine worthy but that will never happen as old furniture and exercising equipment aren't all that glamorous.    I figured another post on building your own storage boxes or Ukrainian Easter eggs, and you might see through my stalling tactics. 
 So here she is, all messy, dusty and incomplete...... again. 

A door got stained using Minwax ebony.  Two coats of satin water based clear coat were used to protect the door.
And then the door got installed.

Another door was built.


Windows got all tricked out!

Baseboard was made up of three layers.  It's a whopping 8 inches tall!

  As soon as the dust settles, and one tedious trip to town for the missing piece  molding is conquered, the painting will begin.
  I am hoping to hang the curtains very soon and
 by the looks of those pictures, buy some outlet covers.
Did you hear??......



  1. It's looking BEAUTIFUL! I love that ebony stain and the glass panels. That 2nd door sure looks tricky to make but what a nice job. I've never seen door top molding like that before. I really like it! I hope you are enjoying your progress, you all have come so far.

  2. It's looking great, and I adore all the beautiful molding. You are doing a wonderful job!

  3. I like on the headers that you kept to the original period treatment. Others would take the new casing shortcut. Kudos. On measuring, we all learn the hard way. Luckily, I only live a mile from two lumber yards.

  4. I notice that you and I have the exact same names for molding!!

  5. Yay! It's almost done. I am excited to see the whole room. The moldings looks nice.

  6. Those 'blue' names apply to many things at my house while doing a project. Instead of 'the end is near' I think you should consider this 'the beginning is close'. It looks great!

  7. All of this has happened before and all of this will happen again.

    No wait...wrong program.

    It's looking wonderful! I'm so glad you gave me all the proper names for molding because we haven't ordered ours yet. I'm happy to know what I'm supposed to call it when it arrives! I might have to add a few to your list. =D


  8. That's funny I have many things with the same alternative name o moulding ;) it's beautiful, you must be thrilled with it! Great job turtles.

  9. I am very aware of those names for molding. My husband has taught me all about that. But did you know that power washers, drywall guns, or pretty much anything with a cord attached also has those names? My husbands vocab gets very colorful when he's working on projects. Your door turned out awesome!

  10. Ah ha ha!! Those names sound so familiar. It's all looking so amazing!!

  11. Yes, the names for your molding sounds a lot like what I call my sewing projects when I have to unpick them. VERY SIMILAR. I do love your baseboards. A LOT! So excited you're close to being done!

  12. My moulding have the same names: it turns out they work both in French and in English! I love the baseboard and the **(@&#%#$@@^&&!&* around the window. Gorgeous!

  13. Oh, I love love LOVE them all! The baseboard looks awesome, well, the windows and the doors too ;) hmmm those names are pretty familiar to me too :D Hey, you have to do a reveal, at least a fake reveal before you bring the exercise equipment, please, please!


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