Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Post Dormer Post!

 This is gonna be a photo heavy post.   

Added a door knob.

It all worked out in the end, a doorknob got installed.

Bought some curtain rods from Ikea.  I had some bargain finials in my stash, but the wrong color.
 Hello Sharpie!

Installed the new light.
What do you think? 

Hemmed and hung some curtains.  Clearly my iron is broken.

The whole wall.
 The actual "Dormer"..... Hung but didn't hem some curtains. 

A custom closet door needed to be built to follow the angle of the roof.  

Even screwed on some outlet covers!  

Awkward panorama shot.

This is the most complete room in our old farmhouse.

And Now....  
 Crepes topped with homemade Saskatoon filling, topped with whipped cream. 
 Thanks Mr F.T.

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