Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dormer Continues...

Back in the day, before Aliens integrated the human race, people were of a manageable size.  Doorways were built to accommodate such.   Since Aliens flooded the population, people like hubby are too darn tall.  Building suppliers had to make doors bigger to accommodate these taller beings. 
 Old houses like ours were built before Aliens landed, therefore, installing doors in older homes can be quite challenging!   
 Proof is in the picture below. 

Thankfully they still make solid doors for such applications.  
If you read the labels on these doors, it says BA....meaning Before Aliens,
 which also means that it can be trimmed.   
 A sneak peek at the door before trimming.

  Everything went too easy.   We were able to get the door jamb fabricated and installed plumb and square with only a few slivers!    

The window molding is in the process of coming together.

A solid piece of oak was attached to the inside part of the trim.  It will make for a strong  ledge.  Paint will hide the two different woods. 
That's all I've got today.
 We'll be able to start on the molding again later this week.  
And if you are Canadian, we are looking forward to +1 soon!  Even if you aren't, I think you can appreciate this video!