Sunday, April 6, 2014

Handmade Storage Boxes

A break from the
 but that's a post for later this week.
My fingernails are filthy from this project 
so a wee break was needed.  
My daughter showed me this fantastic post on
 making boxes!   You can see it here
 They have a step by step tutorial which was very easy to
 follow and her fingernails were all shiny red and clean
The website is called Design Sponge.
The only thing we did different was cut 3/8 to 1/2 an inch from
 two sides of one of the two pieces of  paper to make a
 smaller base box.  It made for less of a struggle to
 separate the top from the bottom.

With a few pieces of scrapbook paper, you can create some gorgeous boxes,
 or make your own with painted paper like on the blog. 
And a new obsession begins, but not like my spider obsession! 

My daughter went one step further and created larger, heavier boxes
 with  poster board that she hand painted from the dollar store. 
 This is her craft room

Check out her fancy polka dot chairs she scored
 at a garage sale and did a complete 360 on them!

Oh how I love her craft room.   

Back to dirty fingernail land....
I had a few trinkets lying around and thought they would make great little toppers for the boxes.
These boxes were supposed to look like they travelled from Paris, but no matter
 how I tried to dress up the picture, they just looked dumb.

These are cool spiders though and yes, I will probably put spiders in them.

I definitely like the spiders more.  They look like they travelled
from" Spiderman-land"  and we all know Spider Man's hot!
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