Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dormer Continues...

Back in the day, before Aliens integrated the human race, people were of a manageable size.  Doorways were built to accommodate such.   Since Aliens flooded the population, people like hubby are too darn tall.  Building suppliers had to make doors bigger to accommodate these taller beings. 
 Old houses like ours were built before Aliens landed, therefore, installing doors in older homes can be quite challenging!   
 Proof is in the picture below. 

Thankfully they still make solid doors for such applications.  
If you read the labels on these doors, it says BA....meaning Before Aliens,
 which also means that it can be trimmed.   
 A sneak peek at the door before trimming.

  Everything went too easy.   We were able to get the door jamb fabricated and installed plumb and square with only a few slivers!    

The window molding is in the process of coming together.

A solid piece of oak was attached to the inside part of the trim.  It will make for a strong  ledge.  Paint will hide the two different woods. 
That's all I've got today.
 We'll be able to start on the molding again later this week.  
And if you are Canadian, we are looking forward to +1 soon!  Even if you aren't, I think you can appreciate this video!



  1. LOL!!!! I can't believe I missed that Rick Mercer show. We usually watch it. Too hilarious, and too true. Everyone here has been waiting for above 0 temps and we had +9 yesterday and it felt like heaven. It's going back down though and it's going to take weeks for all this snow to melt. I totally agree about the aliens... the lower original cupboards in our kitchen were definitely built before they arrived. How lucky that you were able to get that door in without too much trouble. I know how un-square some old house doorways can be. It's looking good.

  2. Your alien looks friendly enough I say let him in! We're still having 30+ Celsius days..in April so I think we stole your sun, sorry about that (she says insincerely) ;)

    Dormers are coming along great wont be long!

  3. Looking fabulous Karen !!!
    We were + 8 today - snow's melting ( not quick enough for me though )
    I have a couple of those aliens around here too lol

  4. You're blaming aliens? My son blames recombinant bovine growth hormone, which showed up in the milk supply when he was a kid. He's 6'1". My daughter, who did not drink that milk, is 5'1".

  5. Fortunately my house was built After Aliens, but just barely. I cannot imagine replacing a door jamb since every.single.angle in my house is wonky. Real wonky.
    That video cracked me up! I just sent it to all the people I know that will relate.

  6. Living in Brittany where temperatures rarely drops below zero, I had a hard time when reading your sentence understanding what was that +1 you were waiting for before watching the video. I'll try and see if I can send you some +1s!
    So you married an alien? That was a title of a "Roswell" episode... If I remember well, aliens are rather cute!

  7. Awww, let the little alien in. I'm sure he'd make a good pet!

    The +1 video is hilarious! But on the other hand, so sad because it is so true. I really do think they throw those higher temps towards the end of the week to give us some hope, only to squash it by the time that day gets here. It's a sick, sick joke they play on our hopes!

  8. I must not have inherited the alien gene at just under 5'4", woe is me, although nor do I have to duck under doorways. I would duck if I had to to walk thru your awesome new door, I love it, and I'm so glad for you that it was one of those orange cream candy days. We all deserve to have one of those now and again, with out the worry of some darn catastrophe happening before the last bite. I hope you enjoyed every morsel and your dormer is coming along fabulously!

  9. HILARIOUS! And Falling Skies...have you watched it? I have not, but I'm thinking about it..... :P


  10. so glad you're getting your house outfitted for your alien hubby. I have a cousin who, at 6'8 is a genuine alien too. When I hug him, my face is around his belly button...can you say awkward? :)

  11. That video just cracked me up! :D At first I thought you were talking about Google + or something! I wish we, the ones living in the southern hemisphere countries were invaded by those aliens! Love the door!


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