Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Post Dormer Post!

 This is gonna be a photo heavy post.   

Added a door knob.

It all worked out in the end, a doorknob got installed.

Bought some curtain rods from Ikea.  I had some bargain finials in my stash, but the wrong color.
 Hello Sharpie!

Installed the new light.
What do you think? 

Hemmed and hung some curtains.  Clearly my iron is broken.

The whole wall.
 The actual "Dormer"..... Hung but didn't hem some curtains. 

A custom closet door needed to be built to follow the angle of the roof.  

Even screwed on some outlet covers!  

Awkward panorama shot.

This is the most complete room in our old farmhouse.

And Now....  
 Crepes topped with homemade Saskatoon filling, topped with whipped cream. 
 Thanks Mr F.T.

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  1. I know that Saskatoon is a city (sort of) in Saskatchewan, but how is it a filling? And watching Downton is a valid excuse for anything--I have even been known to take a day off from bathing to watch.

  2. Everything looks so lovely. Nice choice on the curtains and light fixture. You had to put some extra effort into some of the idiosyncrasies of the room and it shows. Good job with the Sharpie! And I, myself, would also rather keep up with Ms. Milwaukee than the K family.

  3. Love that custom closet door! Brilliant idea with the Sharpie. Love all the touches. Looks great! :)

  4. My iron is broken most of the time, too. :) Actually, it's not because I use it on a semi-daily basis....but NOT for ironing. Pressing. Different story. I think this room is just gorgeous! The Haussmans are jerks anyway...don't need to keep up with them, THEY need to keep up with you. And yum to the German Pancakes. Tell Mr. FT that next time he's in my neck of the woods, to not forget the Saskatoon.


  5. Me ha encantado visitar tu bloc. Esta semana os propongo disfrutar de una fiesta muy catalana imagenes de de sant jordi espero que os guste u por eso te invito a visitar mi blog y espero que te guste. Si te ha gustado espero que si no eres seguidora te hagas ahora.

  6. The room is lovely! I love the baseboards. Are you planning on turning it into a ballroom - very Downtown Abbey? Or will you put some furniture in?

  7. Your room & dormer look amazing, and you are forgiven for putting "Downton Abbey" ahead of your blog friends. I would do that, too! I love all of your beautiful molding, and that light fixture is beautiful!

  8. Your room looks fabulous!!! I'm still loving that ceiling. The sharpie fix for the finials is brilliant! What the heck is an iron?

  9. That ceiling is spectacular Karen - and your floors are just gorgeous - are they new or restored?
    Don't you love dormers?
    I'm still waiting for a bench to be installed in mine - may take 10 years at the rate I'm going with these reno's !!!
    Have a great weekend -

  10. I'm blown away!! After all the work you've done, you deserve to stop and smell the roses at Downton Abbey. I have so much catching up to do with that show, but I love it, so I'll have to catch up sooner or later. Your dormer is looking fabulous. The floor, the door, both doors, the ceiling, the light fixture on the textured ceiling, just everything is top notch, Karen. Enjoy DA and your weekend, and the German pancakes topped with Saskatoon and whipped ~ Amy

  11. Yum come & cook me some, the finials are beautiful and the curtains will straighten themselves out :)

    What a gorgeous new space I think I'd like that light in my lounge room.

  12. You have so many outlets! This house had one to a wall when we moved in, and the rooms are large. Those are fabulous baseboards.

  13. Joe heard me say "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh" and I showed him your door handles. I'd forgotten to steal my door handles when I moved. I HATE door KNOBS. Then he heard me go "AAAAAAAAAH" and had to look at your ceiling light. One more sound out of me and he's going to make me turn off my computer. I love everything!

  14. I seriously love everything about this redo! I love the light- it is so modern and sleek. The paint color is so soothing. You did a great job on the ceiling, even if those jerks took forever getting the tiles to you. But I think I love the floors and the the door the most. They really make the room pop for me! Awesome job Karen! Now, where's my invitation for some of those divine looking pancakes!?

  15. LOVE how the room is coming out! WOW! And then you go and kill me with those pancake things.



  16. I love all the details you added to this room, Karen! The dormer addition alone, is amazing, paired up with the ceiling, pretty floor, doors and molding all around, wow, beautiful! Hey, the Sharpie trick was ingenious ;)

  17. WOW. Looks great!! I love the thick crown molding! and um, isn't watching Downton Abbey priority?!!!

  18. I laughed and laughed at your cupcake comment. You are so right. They are definitely superior to cake! I think it's because you can get more frosting per square inch on a cupcake than you can on a regular piece of cake. For me, it's really all about the frosting :)


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