Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Stenciled Placemats

Walking though the dollar store can lead to some pretty amazing finds, like the plastic rock you hide your spare house key in by the front door!  How genius.....everyone should have one of these.    I have three!  We can flash neon signs saying "Burglars Welcome Here"! 
My daughter on the other hand, being somewhat more savvy than I, needed placemats for her beautiful oak table.  She was looking for something durable and cute, to protect the beautiful finish on their oak table passed down from her in-laws.   She spied some welcome mats and realized she could cut them in half and get two. 
That's Jack...A.K.A. Doody, her foster dog!

She mimicked the corners of her cuts, to match the original rounded corners on the carpets.

Taking it a step further, she created stencils using some scrap paper and tape.

A bit of spray paint from the stash.

Some gorgeous black and bronzed placemats adorn her table.    Being weather resistant, they will be sure to protect even her sloppiest of visitors (the mommas) spills!  Well I am off to hide some more keys in those adorable little rocks!


  1. Brilliant !
    And now I'll be looking for those rocks this week because we can't remember where we put anything any more - including the cup of tea I made this morning - and then went outside to check out the flowers
    when I got back in I had to look for my tea for 10 minutes...................sad lol

  2. To me, the best part is their unique-ness. No one else has them!

  3. So, if I hapen to walk by your house, coming unexpectedly from Brittany, how do I recognise those rocks? Just in case you're not home!
    I love the placemats, it seems someone got DIY talent in her genes.

  4. Now that's what I call trying to make a dollar out of 50 cents. Success!! She certainly comes by her diy talent honestly, these are so cool!!

  5. I see you passed on your crafty abilities to your daughter! Genius turning those into place mats!

    I have seen those rock key hiders. Genius idea too, though we have all key code pads on our doors. I don't remember the last time I actually used a key!

  6. um that's brilliant obviously genius runs in the family! I should do this.

  7. What a fabulous idea! Love that she took it that extra step and stenciled them. They look awesome!

  8. It looks like your ingenious ways were passed on to your daughter! Great idea and nice designs! Ha, I got to buy at least 5 of those rocks, my mister loves security, padlocks on the yard doors and double key locks on all the house doors, that's for sure a pretty secure way to have all those keys at hand :D

  9. How smart! I love that she repurposed the mats and I'm digging the designs. Awesome project!

  10. Oh this is a great idea and being weather resistant makes them perfect for my outdoor table! Nice job you two!!

  11. Is Doody going to be on the table too?? =D


  12. I mean, as long as we're all going to get those fancy little key-hiding rocks, we might as well stencil them with something gorgeous so WE can remember which rock is our secret rock. I want that tutorial. I do enjoy these placemats, the robot kills me.


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