Tuesday, March 1, 2016

We're just gonna blow out this wall and put in a beam! Part One

 I thought I would pop in to say hi and tell you about our latest shenanigan!

 Hi  :)

You know those home shows where they talk about
 "Just blowing out this wall and putting in a beam"

Well this is what we are doing... we're just gonna blow out a wall and put in a beam.

But first
we had to go to the basement and fix the previous tenants sins..  
When we ripped down some "stylin ceiling tiles" (not shown to protect your poor eyes),
 we were faced with this nightmare.......

The pink arrow was a window that was just buried underground with a sheet of plywood. 
 Hello mouse highway!
Nothing a bit of concrete can't fix!

The green arrows were two floor joists that were cut off with a plank of wood nailed to the end to support them. 
 Yikes.... my old washing machine used to bunk there.

The yellow arrows are two of four joists that were notched to run a copper water line.
We had already sistered them in this picture.

Next up, was to build a permanent wall for all the new "sisters" to hang out on.
We poured a new concrete beam on the floor.  Approximately 8x8 inches

Built a wall on top of the concrete. 
 I no longer worry about the house falling in and breaking my glue gun!

Three temp walls are erected to support floor joists where an old staircase was.
Arrows are at the base of each of the temporary walls.

The ladder is my new route to the bedroom....yep living the dream!!

Stay tuned for part two. 
  Feral Turtle gets a sledgehammer and
 soon, more temporary walls on the main floor. 

BTW since properly fixing the buried window issue, we are no longer the world's most popular mouse tourist destination.
Sorry Micky!

I bet you wish we could just skip to the last post...so do I my friend....so do I.