Tuesday, March 22, 2016

We're just gonna blow out this wall and put in a beam! Part Four

See part three here!
We are in the midst of it all.
Dust, debris, drywall and a lot of wood  for temporary walls, which will
  probably be repurposed into a SHE SHED!!

( they say the power of positive thinking)

Even the ceiling is gone in the old laundry room.

This new found floorspace used to be part of the attic.
  I was thinking of raising small herd animals in there.

But the most exciting part of the job has arrived.  Our steel beam.

Mr FT cut it to size and together we drilled holes for the support columns and wood.  Wood was added to the inside for drywall.  We used countersunk holes, nuts and bolts to secure the 2x10s to the beam.

 We built 2x6 jigs (not the Irish jig that cousin Jack does) for each side of the beam so that the two of us would be able to get it into place.  The beam went up in 12" increments.  Worked great with the help of a few jacks and a scaffold..... and by Jacks, I mean the manual lifting kind....not my Irish cousin.  He was too busy dancing

With the beam nearly in place, it was time to think about the support columns.
A long story short, we are only able to permanently secure one side for now.  The other will be secured in the spring as concrete must be spilled for a proper footing.  With no basement under the south side, looks like floorboards will be destroyed too. ahhhhh more dirt. 
 For now we will use a Telepost in an awkward place. 
 Kind of right smack dab in the middle of the room.

Just when you thought things couldn't get more exciting,
look who showed up at our door.

And it brought gifts!!
 Feel free to use this picture whenever you want!
Spread the...well you know.

We have no idea where it came from.  After calling neighbors and posting
 on social media, it's still a mystery. 
 Does this class as a small herd animal?
 I could raise it in our new found space

We will call it Manny for short!
 That way, if it's a girl, 
she can be Amanda, and a boy could be Emanuel!


  1. When you said that the steal beam had arrived, I took a breath myself. I can't believe how hard you and the guy fly are working on this project, but I must say, I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel for you, at the end of that tunnel is a pet goat, but at least there is still a light. If you can't find Manny's home are you going to take Manny in for indefinitely?

  2. This is loco! You guys are fearless, and i love the goat, so cute.
    The only thing we've never tackled is steel beams and that's why I don't want to jack up all my patios. This does not look like loads of fun. I like drinking tequila while PC spackles the holes in the drywall, really. I have gone soft.

  3. Holy crap! That steel bean is quite something. It must weigh a ton! Seriously... a goat? That is too funny!

  4. Did Tuula just say a steel bean? Good gawd, does your cousin Jack have anything to do with the steel beanstalk?? Are those magical goat poops? I'm moving to Canada.


  5. the goat bit is so funny. I know the agony of the 'gifts' cos there are like a zillion pigeons who have made the balcony of my room their home. It's been hard--but I have no clue how to get rid of them(cos I dont want to be cruel)
    Your project seems very challenging... but fun :)

  6. I AM SO JEALOUS! A steel beam AND a goat??? I can no longer read your posts, my envy is too great.

  7. I am duly impressed by the steel beam implanting--wow!!
    A goat showing up at your door?! He/she is cute as can be, but somebody must be missing it, you'd think? Next you will be building a pen and house for the goat instead of a she shed. ;)

  8. Cant wait to see the finished project! And the new goat house!

  9. evry time i get the email were just gonna blow out this wall i chuckle but this mail did have me rotflmao, the goat is adorable and that is the cutest poop xx

  10. Look at that beam! I think only diyers are the only ones who can really appreciate the joy a new beam can bring.

    Manny heard you had some extra space for small farm critters. I'm sure the rest of his family will be showing up for free room and board soon :)

  11. Nice to see you rising above it all, Karen. Don't hit your head on the beam.

  12. That is a whole lotta goat poop! Hope she does not eat up your garden.

    I was just watching Mike building his wife Vanessa a SheShed in last week's LAST MAN STANDING, it was delightful :)

  13. Kudos to you and Mr. Turtle! You're talking heavy stuff... Support columns... Steel beam... Wow! And you said a She shed! <3

  14. I was all excited about the beam and about to comment about it and then Manny arrived, so cute, much cuter than a beam!

  15. Wow, I just stopped by from Kirby's blog. What an ambitious project! I scrolled back to see some of the earlier posts. We've done some renovation, but nothing like that. A steel beam. Whoa.

  16. Awww... Manny is adorable! Maybe he came to "help" :) It's coming along nicely, my friend. Thinking of you! Hugs!


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