Sunday, March 20, 2016

We're just gonna blow out this wall and put in a beam! Part Three

See part two here
I left you with a stripped wall on our last adventure

 but I am pretty sure this stripped would be much easier on the eyes!
Image result for magic mike

As promised in part one, this post brings you more temporary walls.
 Six of them in all. 

and on the other side of the wall were two sets of stairs.

As we say goodbye to the old stairs, we say hello to a serial killer....a.k.a
The Fly Murderer.....a.k.a
Mr. FT

He's gotten pretty good at dropping the crowbar on flies. 

Gawd all the flies....
Image result for cartoon flies

A little glimpse with the plaster and lath removed from the wall studs
and the start of some new floor joists to fill in where the stairs were.
hmmmmm still waiting for the pretty pictures.......
You can see part four here!


  1. I'm late to the party and had no idea a wall was meeting it's demise. I see very little space back there, so what will the room be?? Gawd the mess. Once you find where the dead body is hidden, the flies will disappear.

  2. I'm late to the party and had no idea a wall was meeting it's demise. I see very little space back there, so what will the room be?? Gawd the mess. Once you find where the dead body is hidden, the flies will disappear.

  3. You and Mr. FT are doing a fabulous job and at least you aren't ready to kill each other. Although as Lotta Joy says, there must be a body hidden somewhere because of the flies! Oh, and I love the humor this enormous project is creating from you and your readers! I'm anxiously waiting at the finish line to see the stunning revelation!

  4. Hi Karen, well you talented kids are moving right along and doing a fabulous job. I know the work is timely and tough but just remember, "it always looks bad before it looks good" I used to tell my art students this when they were painting. haha
    You sure give me a smile with your descriptions!! Hope you find the fly source!! haha.
    Thanks for stopping by. I am on a blog break for spring. Haven't done this in years and truly need it with some health issues and an overload of stuff going on!!
    But I just had to stop by. Love to visit you. Have a Happy Easter. xo

  5. Sooo much work. Glad to see the intrepid hubby was dressed for the job. ;)

  6. WOW, you two are moving right along! I would be needing some therapy about now if I were you....I was wringing my hands with a 3-month redo of our kitchen in our last home. Of course, if you have more walls to knock out, that just might be therapy enough!

    Warm hugs,

  7. Wow, when you do something, you don't mess around! My sister hated the Fly episode. You can't mention Breaking Bad without her complaining about the Fly episode. But your Fly Guy looks pretty Fly! Now I have to go see what all this tearing down stuff is all about.


  8. so if the neighbours notice a sudden plague of flies it is not us to blame, right? :)

  9. OOH, flies! Reminds me of Amityville Horror. Sorry. ;) LOL
    Your journey makes me sure that I never want to remodel. I say this after I took a hammer to our outdoor kitchen countertops. Whatever you have must be rubbing off!

  10. Look at Mr. Fly Guy all snazzy in that getup! Can I borrow him this summer? Our 4th bedroom that has the attic in it gets chock full of flies in the summer and it drives me batty! I need a good Fly Guy and his trusty crowbar to come take care of them for me.

    Looks like ya'll are still moving along nicely. We have some finishing touches to add to the bathroom and then it is finito. I am sooo sick of home improvement right now, I decided I may wait on tiling the kitchen floor until next year. I just want to sit on the beach and enjoy some margaritas this summer and not have to worry about all that comes with remodeling.

  11. Hey McFly you were serious when you said you were gonna blow out a wall. I didn't realize that stairs were going with it...

  12. Wow! I can see the progress you and Mr FT are making. I can't even imagine doing this much reno work, but you guys are amazing.

  13. Unfortunately, my tripping of walls looked a lot more like your first picture than like your second!

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