Tuesday, December 6, 2011

First Christmas

I was sorting through some cards and I came across a wedding invitation from one of my dearest friends' son.  I didn't want to throw it out and I had remembered seeing this idea of cutting pages from a book (I think it was a music book) and putting it in a clear ornament ball.  This is my version.

I cut up the invitation and folded each strip of paper like an accordion.  If you had one of those crinkle gadgets that would be much faster. 

I stuffed the crinkled invitation into the bulb.

  Next step, I grabbed my glitter glue and wrote "Our 1st Christmas 2011" on the bulb in silver.   I took the gold glitter glue and dotted the top of the bulb and let dry.  A few hours later I turned the bulb over and did the bottom. 

I made a bow from wire ribbon for the top and got some gold thread and made a loop to hang it from.

  Now I don't feel bad that the invitation went into the garbage and was forgotten and they get a first Christmas ornament.



  1. That's such a cute idea!! It looks pretty on the tree. :)

  2. That is so cool!!! I'll have to do that with my step-brother's wedding invitation & give it to him & his new wife for Christmas!!

    I had to giggle when I saw you mention glitter glue... saw a sign on Pintrest recently that said "Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies." *snicker*

  3. How cute! Fantastic idea! you can even read some of the lines, I'll bet they love it!

  4. Gorgeous! Very merry and bright! I found you through HOH and am following you now!



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