Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Scented Trees

I want to add to a post that I have already blogged about.

  Click HERE to check it out.

I took my three trees and sprayed them down with some orange essential oil. 

That's it


  1. I can smell them from here! lol Those trees are GORGEOUS! I love that idea.

  2. I love that you took it to the next level and added fragrance. That is inspired. :0 I am finally getting around to writing you and thanking you for the versatile blogger award. I am so sorry for not responding sooner. I am truly grateful and appreciative that you would think of me. I will be away from my computer for a couple of days but I am scheduling a couple of posts and i will mention you Sunday night in my Motivated Monday post.
    Thanks again,

  3. These are fantastic! I'm a new follower so I don't miss any of your great ideas. Warm wishes...stop by and enter my Christmas giveaway if you get a chance.

  4. Very cute trees! Great idea to add the fragrance! I love to sneak in great scents!
    ps thanks for your very sweet comment on my About Me page!

  5. Love your cute cute trees,,,so adorable...thanks for showing us...

  6. i love filling my home with fragrance-what a neat way to do it by adding to those trees!


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