Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pine Cone Trees

Here's another take on the use of non Styrofoam forms.

  Click HERE for my first. 
I gathered pine cones, almost a garbage bag full for these trees.  Actually I made four but I gave two away.  I had some inserts from a box that I purchased at a thrift store.  They were thin plywood pieces, about 1/8 " thick,  and they had slots cut in them.   As we used the box for a base for a worktable in the shop, the inserts were garbage.  I decided to make 3-D trees.  I cut two tree shapes and measured the slots so they would slide into one another and meet in the middle. The total height of the forms is 30 inches.  You can make them any size.

This would be easily done with some thin MDF and a table saw, jig saw or whatever you have on hand to cut with.  I just have issues with throwing out usable pieces of wood.  I slid them together to form a 3-D tree.

Next step is  gluing pine cones on.  Start with big ones all over and fill in any bare spots with smaller ones until no wood is visible.  It takes awhile to do this but they are so pretty when all done.
  It also takes a lot of glue and a whole whack of pine cones.  (Ouch to my fingers too).  After the pine cones were placed and glued, I sprayed some cinnamon fragrance oil directly on the cones, and I must say they are wonderful.  You can add holly and other embellishments to them.  I did that with the ones I gave away.  They were very pretty but unfortunately I didn't take pictures.

 I bet you are thinking, that's a lot of pine cones....IT IS!  I collect in the summer and pray for the little spiders to vacate.  You can bake them in the oven too which helps them move along.
With the addition of the scented oil, they scent up the whole entrance with Christmas smells.
  Sorry I didn't stage these beauties.  I am off to the big city today on a Christmas shopping frenzy.    This said, I probably won't have a post for a few days.  Although I might put up a few pics of our bathroom renos.  Don't get too excited.  It's just tubing strung through the floor for our hot water heat.  It took us three days to do this.  Anyways that's for another post.  

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