Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Music Sheet Candles

Well not much that you probably haven't seen already.....This is a post about candles.  I believe Pottery Barn pedals these beauties.

  I have been making them for quite a few years and would like to share them with you!  I was able to print off some sheet music onto a piece of tissue paper...courtesy of, none other than
The Graphics Fairy .  Thanks again!.

  I cut the printed tissue paper to fit the candle and held it in place with pins. 

With my new heat gun that I bought on sale at Canadian Tire, I melted the wax so that it stuck on its own to the candle.  You can see when the paper is melted on, as the color of the tissue paper changes to the color of the candle.   It's pretty easy to do. 

They make wonderful gifts, especially if you put them in a basket of spa items. 

  I usually put with a bar of homemade soap.  CLICK HERE for the recipe, and some scented Epsom salts, all tucked  nicely in a box or basket.  This is a well received gift.  Especially the soap! 
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  1. That's cool!! I'll have to see if I can sneak that in when the Princess is busy (she's our musical child). However, IMA put them on those fake battery-powered wax candles.... Cause the Princess can be a bubble-head sometimes & leave her room & leave the candles burning... I still like my house...

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