Friday, May 9, 2014

Master Bedroom Part One

This post is not for the faint hearted! 
 I sleep in a dive.
  It kinda looks like some old condemned motel room but worse. 
   Holes in the floor, ceiling, and walls, peeling paint,
 a patched hole where I blew the pressure cooker up. 
 Yep, if anything happened, it definitely happened here. 
This was our old kitchen but if you put a bed in it,
 you can call anything a bedroom.  We even dared to call it a  master bedroom!
These walls have been opened for two years.  Luckily for me, this was great inspiration to get the "Hell out of Dodge" in the morning.  Who wants to linger in this little piece of ghetto heaven?

Time for a makeover.  I decided to order some more ceiling tiles, but this time I found a Canadian supplier, not because of  Decorative Ceiling Tiles service or products,
 but because of Canada Customs.
 I would definitely recommend them if you are south of the border as I received excellent service!....and I am definitely not being compensated for that plug!

  This time I found a company in Ontario  Canada Ceiling Tiles   The selection is not as plentiful as Decorative Ceiling Tiles, but the tiles are a little cheaper.   After shipping and tax, it worked out to about the same.  The only plus is, I won't have to pay Canada Customs fees and duty.   Add the exchange rate, and it tipped the scale in my favor.
  Shipping at this point has not happened.  I'm not sure how long it takes a company to box up forty nine egg carton like Styrofoam pieces, but after four days, I figured the coffee break should be over.  
Meanwhile, back to the doomed room from some horror movie......

  I purchased some knotty pine (big hole and some firewood grade) boards from our local Rona store.   The price was right and they did let me return one package of boards that were in realllllllly bad shape!  I used fifteen packages for a grand total of $105.00 Canadian dollars so that's like ten bucks U.S.  Score!!

A lot of holes were filled

Boards were primed, and a bed was moved out for some wall fixing, and mostly because I didn't want to sleep with drywall dust in the sheets.  Although I did sleep with a bat once, but that's another story, and it happened upstairs in the dormer room

A few pieces of molding capped the boards.
Mr. FT gets back home tonight. 
 I wonder what he will think of the Feral Turtle Inn vs. the Feral Ghetto Plaza? 
I wonder if he will get inspired to help install a new window with me on his days off?
I wonder if you are all a little freaked out about the bat?
I wonder if he will serve breakfast in bed? 


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  1. Keep going! (And I always knew you were a little batty.)

  2. Probably after an eye-roll, Mr. FT will think the road to the new inn is going in the right direction. I hope he's inspired to help with a new window, and he should serve you breakfast in bed. And, yes, I am most definitely freaked out about the bat!

    Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Wow... way to go. The walls look awesome! I'm not very squeamish really, but bats definitely freak me out.

  4. Karen, it's looking fabulous (and I don't mean ghetto)! I can't believe what a steal you got the bead board for. It looks like this makeover is going by the way of the dormer makeover which means: AWESOME. Looking forward to more to come.

  5. Well, that's a pretty unique master bedroom, with lots of great memories :) I love how you fixed those walls! It already looks wonderful. Can't wait to see more :)

  6. Looking great so far!! I can't wait to see everything you get up to on this project. I am officially freaked out about the sleeping with the bat. Ummmm, about the bat....we go camping on a lake and I am always scared to sleep outside on the deck of the boat because of the bats that swoop in and gobble the bugs all night long. Shudder, Shudder.

  7. My bedroom doubles as kitchen storage room right now so I'm not one to judge... I love how the room is transformed to a romantic inn room. You've done a terrific room. If you're wondering, I've also had a bat in my bedroom and I may or may not have knock it with a broom and let it come back to its bat's senses in the gutter... I'm wondering if you've had your breakfast in bed...

  8. Did you bury any bats in the wall? Kinda like the Tell-Tale Heart? That would have been so cool!!! My sister has had lots of bats in her house. I never have. Once in my old, old house, I had a dead mouse in my washing machine. Does that count? A wingless bat, perhaps??

    Looking awesome!!!


  9. Oh I think Mr FT is going to be mighty impressed. I am still freaking out that you had a pressure cooker your bedroom wth???

  10. You always crack me up with your stories. I want to hear more about this pressure cooker mishap! Looks like you are already doing a great job fixing up that room. I definitely think Mr. FT is going to love his new digs. Cant' wait to see more of the redo!

  11. Loving the direction you're going in ( as long as it's as far away from bats as you can possibly get LOL )
    I think you deserve breakfast in bed - ( can he make it in the kitchen? )
    Did you sleep with a bat or a batman?
    I think your room is called a " bedchen " actually - I've heard of them before lmao!


  12. I'm a little behind here. Looks like you are making great progress on this room and you'll probably start sleeping in more when you are done. I'm not sure which freaks me out more...the bat...or the pressure cooker explosion! I have never used a pressure cooker for that very reason....they look and sound like some kind of explosive device!

  13. I am glad that you clarified that this room used to be your kitchen because I was momentarily confused about why there was a pressure cooker in your bedroom. Then I laughed at the term 'firewood grade'. You have a charming transformation here, Mr FT had better be supremely impressed.
    (Bats don't freak me out any more. Is that progress? Or is it resignation, after living in an old house for so many years?)


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