Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Timeout Stool

The secret to great children is
"Always Eat Dessert First"!
If you don't
then you will probably need a time-out stool!

I found this cute stool on Pinterest at

She has put together an amazing tutorial to create your own.

With my bandsaw out of commision

They were a little rough so I cleaned up the edges with a router.
We ditched our old bed frame for
a new one,
 which is still in the works.
Luckily I salvaged all the spindles.
And by salvaged, I mean I snuck them out of the back of the "dump slated truck"
 when Mr. FT wasn't looking! 
Bedroom reno:
 Part Four to be announced....Still need windows.
A groove was routed into each of the seats for the pop bottles to sit in. Holes were drilled to accept the spindle legs

With two bottles of Root Beer under my belt,
 I was able to create the hourglass part of the chair.

Paint was applied, holes were drilled and a trip to
 the sand pile happened.

Now for the technical....If you aren't going to make one, skip this part cuz it's really boring.  
I fell asleep writing it!

Silicone was applied around the inside and outside edges of the bottles to adhere and seal  them to the bottom of the seats.  They were left for two days to dry so that the sand wouldn't stick.  Sand was added to one of the bottles. Legs were glued into one of the seat bottoms.  A washer with a small opening was glued on top of one pop bottle with E 6000  I carefully applied a bead of silicone around the outside edge of the washer to join the two pop bottles together being careful not to put too much on so that it would interfere with the hole. But first a wooden ball was drilled in the center using a 1" drill bit.  I had a bit of trouble with my first attempt so my second attempt was done with the ball seated in a metal pipe to hold it in place while I drilled it on the drill press. It was painted and placed between the two tops of the bottles to cover up the joint. This is when the two bottles are joined together.   Glue was added to the remaining pre-drilled leg / seat holes and the whole unit was assembled and clamped and left overnight.   This gave the silicone a chance to dry so that sand wouldn't stick and potentially clog the hole.  


While looking at time out stool art on Pinterest, I found many sweet
sayings about how much you love the little criminals, but myself,
 I decided to run with a tough love approach and paint some prison stripes!

If you don't have naughty kids, you could always use it for playing charades or maybe you could time yourself guzzling a few bottles of root beer, like I am doing right now so I can make a second one.
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  1. It's so fin reading your posts that I couldn't fall asleep! I was smiling to myself and enjoying the root beer, though make mine a float please!
    Awesome finish, Karen and probably worth the sore hand - ouch!

  2. Oops! Must be the sugar high! I mean so much fun reading your post!
    Have a good one!

  3. Seriously chuckling right now. Thanks for the intermission, I will admit to sneaking a cookie instead of continuing reading once I read something something silicone something something, nope, can't do it. Why are we not planning our trip to NZ RIGHT NOW to get some real Lord of the Rings sand? I am sure the husband would be all over that. I think I could use this when we play pictionary because it's far too cute to punish kids with.

  4. What a FUN post! Isn't that the cutest stool ever? A timed time out stool. How perfect can it get? Not liking the look of the bloodied part there though.
    Hope you have a great night...and ps...I skipped the silicone part, too---lol xo Diana

  5. Can I have some of that root beer, LOL. OMG, what a fun read and what an awesome project!! That is so cool that you can make a sand timer with plastic soda bottles and then turn it into a time-out stool. So creative. Love it, Karen!

  6. or you can just slap little devil's tush and do with the business :)

  7. Very cute Karen! I've never seen one before. I wouldn't have guessed this project in a million years! You better hide it before hubby gets home... he might put you on it :-)

  8. This is hilarious, and very cute, Karen! You are so funny and may need this if you continue drinking all that root beer!

  9. You are amazing Karen. I love this darling stool and your post wins an award for so cute and creative. Spending a creative day with you would be so fun. I'll bring the root beer. Happy May Day!
    Hugs, CM

  10. OMG! I would never have guessed that was why you needed to cut out circles of wood! LOL! What a great idea! That is such a cute stool. I like the saying you picked. :)

  11. No children at my house but my cats are awfully naughty. They are also quite smug and would probably jump off this stool before the sand ran out. That's too bad because I really like the way this project looks. So cool!

  12. This is seriously the cutest time out chair ever! I am tempted to make one for my 11 year old, though I don't know how well it would go over wit her lol. Pinning for future grand kids ;)

  13. This is a brilliant idea! And it looks pretty, too, very Alice in Wonderland. Do you think the cats could grasp the concept if I had one?

  14. Oh my gosh - this is amazing - what a fabulous idea !!!
    Pinning !

  15. Oh my gosh - this is amazing - what a fabulous idea !!!
    Pinning !

  16. This is the cutest thing ever! I need to make one (or 15) for my classroom! LOL! Have a great week!

  17. And here I was today, bitching and moaning over cutting up Popsicle sticks like a demented demon child. Methinks I NEED a time out chair. Could you please put a plump cushion on it? And make it rock? Oh, and add arms and a comfy back...........but honestly, that is ADORABLE.

  18. And here I was today, bitching and moaning over cutting up Popsicle sticks like a demented demon child. Methinks I NEED a time out chair. Could you please put a plump cushion on it? And make it rock? Oh, and add arms and a comfy back...........but honestly, that is ADORABLE.

  19. Okay, that is simply the cutest timeout stool I've ever seen! I would want to be on timeout just so I could use the stool :) You're so clever, my friend! Hugs to you!

  20. This is adorable and you're pure fun! I think I need to start drinking some of that root beer! The boring in me kept asking how on earth you made the cut with a table saw and the routing groove. I'm heading to read your previous post. ;) Hey, using a bottle or two bottles, is just ingenious! love it!

  21. You are a riot Karen! That stool is such fun, and I love that you added the prison stripes and that saying. Too funny!

  22. Stopping in to wish you a very happy Mother's Day too! Hope you had a lovely day!!

  23. Hi Karen! First of all, thank you so much for the mention! I was completely surprised to see it (I didn't get a notice for some reason) and I so appreciate it.

    I'm going to repeat what everyone else has already said. This is seriously one of the cutest,, most creative projects I've seen! I bet you could mass produce these and sell them to day cares ;).



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