Monday, October 24, 2011

Chicken Scraps

 Dormers are done for now.....what to do with all the scraps?
Make some chicken boxes for the,...... ahem,....... fancy
  "Private Label Estate Wine"     
Here we go.
Step one is to cut any kind of wood you can scrounge . I am using my scrap  3/4" plywood but I have used OSB too.

Material List
2- 6"x 9 1/2" pieces for sides
2- 6"x 8" pieces for sides
1- 8"x 8" piece for bottom
1 10"x10" for the head and tail
* I used 3/4 inch plywood.  If you use another width of
wood you must adjust your measurements accordingly*

Cut out the chicken head and tail with a scroll saw.  Cut out side parts with a table saw or circular saw.

Sand all edges smooth.  Your friends don't want slivers for Christmas. Silver maybe, well for sure they would want silver.... but not slivers.

Glue and screw head and tail onto the sides that are 6"X 8" as shown in photo.   This will be the front and back piece.

Countersink screws.

Drill two holes for your wire handle on the two big sides as shown.

I glued, nailed, and screwed all my sides and bottom together to make a square box.  You could just use an air nailer and glue though.

Cut a piece of heavy wire 3 feet long.  Bend it in half.  Place one end in a drill and the other end in a vise or clamp it so that it will not move.  Turn drill on and twist wire until desired amount of twist is in it.  Bend each end so that it will stay in the holes you drilled in your side pieces.

Fill all your screw holes with wood filler, and let dry. 

 Sand Sand Sand

I used a water based stain called golden wheat.  Base coat the entire box in a color of your choice.  You can paint it a solid color too.  I chose this method because I wanted a rustic look.

Paint the comb and wattle and eye area with red acrylic craft paint.

 Details are added with white and black acrylic craft paints.

Fill basket with some wine...(yes that is dandelion wine and no I would not make it again!) and no, it was not part of the gift!  YUCKY!
Originally my blog was going to be called The Celery Stock.
Stock for merchandise....not cuz of a spelling error which have been many.
Anyways Feral Turtle is really what I am.