Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dormers For The Old Girl Part 5

Dormers Part 5
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 A picture of the start of the day.

Shingles are installed as far up as we can go.  

We have stripped the rest of the roof.  This seemed so much harder on this side.  Not sure if it's because we are both tired.  The roof is pretty steep (8 in 12 pitch) but I must say my legs are getting a great workout.  lol. 

 We had a huge spruce tree that we unfortunately had to cut down.  It was too close to the house and was causing roof damage.  You will see the trunk in the next photo.  We cut this tree down awhile back when we were deciding what we would do with the roof.

What a mess.

 Hole and rafters cutout.  I will leave out all the "behind the scene" work that we had to do.  Sweaty and tedious....but necessary.

Tarped up for the night.  Another long day for us.  Stay tuned for the walls.
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