Monday, October 3, 2011

Dormers For The Old Girl Part 2

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We continue on our renovation journey.  Today we  built our floor.  We needed to beef up our dormer floor as the old joists were not strong enough to have a living space on them.  We used 2x10s which worked out really well.  These were anchored to the beam using joist hangers as seen in picture and sistered to the 2x6 joists that were already there.  On the side not visible, we seated  the 2x10s on top of the sill plate.  These babies are strong.

The sub floor goes on.  We used tongue and groove 3/4" OSB.
We prefabbed the front wall in the garage and hauled it over on a wagon pulled by our  lawn mower.  Unfortunately I didn't take pics.  I hope I will remember to take them on dormer 2.  Hubby went to the peak of the roof with a rope tied around the front wall and pulled it up while I lifted it over any obstacles.  He lowered it to the subfloor of the dormer and we put it in place.  We braced it up for the night as this was the end of the day, and a long day it was.

Starting to look like something.  I can sure appreciate the view as I helped create it!
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