Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dormers For The Old Girl Part 6

If you missed Part 5 click here.
Well as you can see, dormer number two is well on its way.  Hopefully the rain gods don't bless us yet.
Sub floor using 2x10s and  tongue and groove 3/4 inch OSB is already installed.   We put lots of sub floor adhesive down to ensure a squeak free floor.

 The awesome garden tractor mover  Works like a charm.

 We built the front wall a little different this time around.
 This is the top of the front wall.  Just tilt your head. Behind it is our old truck loaded with all the wood from our reno.  She's loaded.

 Ropes were used to haul it up.

 Side wall number 1
 Another view.

 Note the 2x10s place up the side of the scaffold.  This was placed to help slide our walls up.  Worked like a charm.  Helps when your hubby is good at rigging.
Front and sidewall up.
Another task completed.  We are coming into the home stretch.  Stay tuned.
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