Monday, October 17, 2011

Dormers For The Old Girl Part 8

  If you are just joining the transformation just now, you can click here for part 7.
  When I last left you, we had just completed the fascia board.  We have been going steady with not many breaks.  The weather is supposed to turn to rain and cold soon.  We have been working like dogs to get her shingled and water tight as tarps just aren't an option anymore.

 Sheathing is on the roof and drip edge and tar paper is applied to dormer

 As you can see our vent stack is in the wrong place.  We had to move it and patch the hole.  A bit of a delay.  Hubby moved it and I kept shingling.

 Day 2 of shingling threatened rain.  It had sprinkled and made the roof a little slick but an executive decision was made and work continued.  I am glad as that's all that happened, a few sprinkles.  We laid the last shingle at 8:30 PM.   Still have to apply ridge cap main roof and dormers. 

 Hubby came up with the idea of building a protective ladder like thingy.  It saves walking on the shingles and held  tools and the shingles while we were roofing.  Now it is going to be used to install our fascia and soffit.  Works great.  It braces up against our safety boards

Scaffold is repositioned and dormer number one is wrapped in Tyvek.    We are preparing our corners of the fascia board  in order to install the aluminum fascia and soffit.
Well that's part 8.  To view part 9 CLICK HERE

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