Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dormers For The Old Girl Part 9

Today I will post on a few days of work.
If you missed part 8,  click here. 
The old part of the house was waiting for fascia and soffit too, so we have been doing that as well as working on the dormer.  We have a radial arm saw that we purchased years ago from a retired wood worker.  We put the blade on backwards to cut the aluminum.  It works great except I have to cut the soffit from both sides as it is 16" wide and the saw makes like a 14" cut. 

 Old house with fascia and soffit

Another view.

Window is installed.

 Our trusty radial arm saw.  Check out our awesome scaffold.

 Window wrap installed.  This window is almost complete.  We have to foam the rough opening.  Gable vent in place.  Yay.  Dormer is complete until spring.  We will be siding after new windows are installed in the rest of the old house.  Wow.   Look how far we've come.
We started to move scaffold, but our good friends popped by for a cup of tea.  Its 5PM so we will continue tomorrow.  Next step is the final phase.  Complete window and vent install and finish all the fascia and soffit on the old house.  To see the final part CLICK HERE.


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