Thursday, October 27, 2011

Homemade Chalk Paint

Wow, this new craze of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has hit the
 blogger community like a ZOMBIE virus.
  My mom used to use milk and slaked lime  to paint the walls in the chicken coop.  I used to use water and slaked lime to do mine as I didn't have the excess goats milk we had as kids.  
It sure made the chicken coop all shiny and white. 
 So this is my version of chalk paint:

  Homemade Chalk Paint
 1 part Slaked Lime
3 parts Acrylic Latex Paint
1 part PVA White Glue
1 part Water
1 part Slaked Color (for a colored chalk paint)
I painted a piece of wood that was salvaged from a renovation of our 100 year old home. After removing the million and one nails, I vacuumed it off to clean it.

I let it dry overnight after applying two coats.

Sanded the board to add a distressed finish and added a vinyl decal .

 An acrylic sealer was applied to the top, and a place to display my new chalk paint creation!



  1. Looks good! I, too, and too cheap,er frugal, to spend $40 on a qt. of paint. I made some chalk paint using plaster of paris and satin finish paint. I'm very pleased with the outcome also, so I will not be purchasing ASCP!

  2. Well I'm definitely in that handful of people that won't pay $40 for a quart of paint. I love the end result and am sold. Totally want to make my own now. Only one problem. I have no idea what slaked lime is or where to get it! Help a girl out...or I guess I could just Google it. Anyway, thanks for sharing 'cause I've totally been dying to try some of that million dollar paint!
    :-) Sandra

  3. Hi Sawdust and Paperscraps. Love your blog. Slaked lime is Hydrated Lime. You can buy it at hardware stores. I purchased mine at a
    livestock / hardware store.

  4. this is such a good idea, Karen! I Love the inspirational qoutes.

  5. Looks really cool! I've been wanting to try to make my own chalk paint too!

  6. Yes, some others who think its crazy insane to spend $40 on a little thing of paint. Our mothers would of been friends ;)

    Glad to follow you.



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