Thursday, October 27, 2011

Homemade Chalk Paint

Wow, this new craze of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has hit the
 blogger community like a ZOMBIE virus.
  My mom used to use milk and slaked lime  to paint the walls in the chicken coop.  I used to use water and slaked lime to do mine as I didn't have the excess goats milk we had as kids.  
It sure made the chicken coop all shiny and white. 
 So this is my version of chalk paint:

  Homemade Chalk Paint
 1 part Slaked Lime
3 parts Acrylic Latex Paint
1 part PVA White Glue
1 part Water
1 part Slaked Color (for a colored chalk paint)
I painted a piece of wood that was salvaged from a renovation of our 100 year old home. After removing the million and one nails, I vacuumed it off to clean it.

I let it dry overnight after applying two coats.

Sanded the board to add a distressed finish and added a vinyl decal .

 An acrylic sealer was applied to the top, and a place to display my new chalk paint creation!