Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Scented Valentine Wreath

You guessed it, another salt dough creation.

You can blame it on the Cupid Dude and two cups of flour!

This is what a double batch looks like.  You can find the recipe HERE...Don't double it!!!!
(Unless you want to make a lot of hearts.  Then double away my friend!)

A circle was traced from the base of a broken globe onto a piece of paper.   The globe was salvaged for this AMAZING project that I am going to make.  I haven't done it yet cause I am waiting for that AMAZING idea to knock me over the head......that was just over a year ago. 

The hearts were laid on the circle pattern and glued to each other at every point they overlap ensuring that none of the holes were blocked.  This will be for the ribbon to thread through.

The back of the wreath after the hearts were glued to one another.

My Dollar Store ribbon just keeps on giving, like a double batch of salt dough!  I put a dab of hot glue and quickly twisted it so that I could burn my fingers a wee bit and run it through the holes easier.

 Ribbon is threaded through all the holes with a burnt finger.

 Two long tails were left for the hanger.

I tied a few small hearts to the tails, but it still needed something else.

Maybe the beer bow A.K.A. barrette found its niche!

For an extra bit of fun, a drop of cinnamon oil was added to each heart.  Kinda reminds me of the little red cinnamon hearts that I am addicted to.  If you are on a diet, don't do this cuz you will be running for the candy dish every time you walk by your wreath.

 Speaking of candy dishes, check out last years  Valentine project.

And yes, there is one more dough project.  Stay tuned this afternoon for the finale!