Thursday, February 13, 2014

Scented Valentine Heart Garland

This was a fun project and I finally saw an end to those bloody hearts.
On a sad note, this will be the last visit from
 Cupid Dude, who's become so dear to my heart!

It was an easy garland to whip up.
  I added a drop of fragrance oil to each heart for that "Love Is In The Air" aroma! 
 This time I used sweat pea.

You can see how the salt dough hearts were made by clicking the link below:

  Ribbon is fed through the hearts.
 Remember to put a dab of hot glue on the end and squish
 it up so that is easier to feed through the holes. 

Plastic rings were tied on each end for hanging the garland.

One of the garlands got a fancy battery operated dragonfly light set.

I used some beading wire to attach the lighting cord to the ribbon.

The second one didn't get a set of lights.

After trying to get a decent shot for my blog, I realize that I really need a mantel.



  1. I know what you mean Karen... I need a mantle too. We have wood stoves so no mantle for project shots. I love garlands, and this is another great dough project. The hearts are adorable as a garland, and the dragonfly lights are really cute.

  2. The ones with the lights are TOO beautiful!!! So now you've got me thinking, and I HATE WHEN I DO THAT.

    When I see those hearts, I'm thinking MOBILE!!!! If you can stand seeing them for a while longer, you could make a hanging mobile/windchime (that will never feel a breeze)

    I'm also wondering where I can get a bottle of liquid cinnamon. Maybe the cake department at Hobby Lobby.

    Scents NEVER last long enough for me.

  3. I love your two garlands. It's sweet and not fussy, just how I like them.

  4. I like the simplicity of them, but they do really pop! I love sweet pea scent. You sure are on top of things for the holiday!

  5. Oh this is my favorite project with those cute hearts! How fun! Going to miss the cupid!

  6. That Heart Wreath is nice as well as the garland. Pinned girl.

    I love the lights that you used here karen. Is that a dragon fly?

  7. I was wondering what you were going to do with all these hearts!! Gorgeous garland! I also need a mantle. Maybe I should just set one up for blog projects. I'm sure the husband would love that. :)

  8. See you next year cupid dude!! Your double batch of salt dough sure came in handy. I love all the ways you used up your hearts. These look really cool combined with the string of lights. Can't decide which of all your salt dough Valentine's I love the most!! Happy Valentine's, Karen

  9. Bye Cupid Dude! It's nice that you have Sweet Pee scent. Mine just smells like asparagus. :/


  10. Cupid dude rocks very pretty garland I want to steal this or Christmas.


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