Friday, February 28, 2014

First Dormer Gets a Coat of Paint. Part 14

I swear our house was moved here from the movie,
  The Amityville Horror!!
 (remember the fly room??)
  Nice underwear dude!

Sorry no underwear shots here.  Just a few flies.....

Amityville Horror house compared to the Feral Turtle residence.  See the resemblance? 

 Our plan is to phase out the flies and take back our space. 
 Dormer number one is starting to take shape. 
You can start our journey here
 or you can go back to the last dormer post here.

A coat or two of paint.
We used Veil in the dormer Snowfield  in the rest of the room.  It was a CIL paint chip 6R17

And still waiting for a ceiling!
I did phone the United States Post Office and was on hold for this long...

This was the second call.  The first call,
 I was on hold for 22 minutes and then suddenly got disconnected???
 I used my time wisely though.  I was able think about what I
 wanted Mr. FT to make for supper!
My parcel is in customs and has been there since Feb.14th  according to the nice lady on the other end!!    The upside is, we poured some floor leveling compound yesterday which means we will be laying the sub floor today!  But that's for another post!
You can see the next step where we lay the subfloor here.