Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dormer Floor Part 15

A Feral Turtle's old house is like a complicated math problem! 
 It equals old and uneven floors which equals
a foot full of slivers!  

A wee bit of floor leveling compound goes in all the right places!

Laying a subfloor has its perks! 
 If you love the smell of floor glue, you are in luck! 
 I felt very lucky and quite happy while
 I was cutting and gleefully gluing,
 but my luck ran out, and that 
equals a glue withdrawal headache.  
 But on the plus side, the subfloor is done!  
 I guess we should have opened a window,
 but I don't think happiness
 would have flooded the room. 
 Probably just a cold draft
 as it is -27C outside, which
  translates to bloody, bloody cold in Fahrenheit!

Rumor has it you are never more than three feet away from a spider at any given moment!

Speaking of spiders....

Now if Canada Customs could brush all the cobwebs from our ceiling tiles
 and graciously send them on their way,
 I could apply some more glue and be happy again!
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