Monday, March 17, 2014

Dormer Ceiling Part 16

Guess what came on the weekend?  No, not an email update from the post office about my ceiling tiles arriving, but the actual ceiling tiles!!    
I estimated that we would need 63 tiles so I ordered 70. 
 They were shipped in one box!!
I couldn't even wait for a picture so the box is mostly unloaded  

So I must first say, the tiles are not 20"x20" that they are advertised as.  They are actually 19-9/16 and not overly consistent at that, as some were 19-5/8 and a little larger.  Other than that, they were pretty much what I expected.
 Another thing that the website claims is that they are easily cut with an olfa knife.
A brand new blade was used for this shred!

We ended up using scissors which were perfect.  The tiles were very easy to cut!

Mastic was applied on high spots and easily secured to the ceiling.
 They were easy to shift around and held to the ceiling firmly.

The center of the room was determined with a chalk line.  Our pattern worked best with the center of the tile lining up with the center of the room so we snapped a chalk line to where the edge of the tile would start which was half a tile off center.  We followed the line all the way down and that was our first row.
The biggest part of the room was done first.
We weren't sure that the tiles would bend and stick to the curve of the roof.
They worked perfectly!!

A pan shot taken with the IPhone.
Would I recommend these tiles for a project?  Yah probably, as they were really easy to install. 
 Keep your fingers crossed for me.  I am going to attempt to paint them today!

So I am still waiting for my email from USPS telling me that my ceiling tiles have arrived!


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