Saturday, March 15, 2014

And Yet Another Ukrainian Easter Egg Holder

This project was inspired from my last one,

 but with a little extra!

Kinda like getting pregnant and finding
 out you're having twins! 
 On second thought, I guess it's not like that at all.

An old piece of board salvaged from my collection of wood from a fallen down old barn!  That's the little extra!
 Yep that's lichen!
  A lichen is not a single organism, but the result of a
 partnership (mutualistic symbiosis) between a fungus and an alga!

Kinda like that twin thing again!....but not really

A few dead branches from a fallen tree  were cut into many pieces to make the  previous project and this one

Hot glue secured the branches onto the old wood!

I drilled pilot holes from the bottom, into each of the branches.....

and secured with drywall screws.

A felt pad was added to each corner

And now, a whole lot of pictures....Probably a few too many!

I glued on a replica of an old key.

A second one with a different key.  I pulled a sticky jewel from my stash and glued it on the key for a bit of bling.

I love the board.  It adds a nice rustic edge to the whole piece. 

Look...It's that little extra.   Twins!!

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  1. I love this. And you make me laugh. Which makes me love this even more!!


  2. I like how delicate the pattern is on each egg and how it contrast nicely with the rustic wood. And, as Andi said, bonus for making us laugh!

  3. I'm feeling pretty happy to have just read this. Look at all the good stuff I'm learning about lichen. And no. I do not think it's anything like finding out you're having twins. Knowing several mothers of twins, and one of triplets I'm certain it's nothing like it. :) The mother of triplets actually got her doctor to give her a handicap permit for her car. And watching 3 toddlers run away from their mommy as she tries to get everyone and everything out of her car, I think it was a sage decision. I think the key is a super cute accessory.

  4. Man that is beautiful I really want to have some of these. I just don't have any trees I need to cut, maybe when the leaves drop and I do the winter pruning! I LOVE the keys they are gorgeous!

  5. I agree, the board does add a fabulous touch to the whole project. And I have a thing for old keys lately, so I think that is a great touch, especially with the added jewel!

  6. I've heard the word lichen before but never knew what it was. Nature is always surprising me. The branch and lichen board combo really makes a statement. Those eggs are stunning with the centerpiece. How cool that must look running down the center of a dining table. Gorgeous in every photo!

  7. Jimeny Christmas! I'm giving you extra kudos for all that science talk so early in the morning...mutualistic symbiosis...seriously? You sure know how to talk dirty! LOL! Love this just as much as the others! Is this going to be like the spiders...your new addiction??!


Cheers to great words!

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