Saturday, March 15, 2014

And Yet Another Ukrainian Easter Egg Holder

This project was inspired from my last one,

 but with a little extra!

Kinda like getting pregnant and finding
 out you're having twins! 
 On second thought, I guess it's not like that at all.

An old piece of board salvaged from my collection of wood from a fallen down old barn!  That's the little extra!
 Yep that's lichen!
  A lichen is not a single organism, but the result of a
 partnership (mutualistic symbiosis) between a fungus and an alga!

Kinda like that twin thing again!....but not really

A few dead branches from a fallen tree  were cut into many pieces to make the  previous project and this one

Hot glue secured the branches onto the old wood!

I drilled pilot holes from the bottom, into each of the branches.....

and secured with drywall screws.

A felt pad was added to each corner

And now, a whole lot of pictures....Probably a few too many!

I glued on a replica of an old key.

A second one with a different key.  I pulled a sticky jewel from my stash and glued it on the key for a bit of bling.

I love the board.  It adds a nice rustic edge to the whole piece. 

Look...It's that little extra.   Twins!!

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