Monday, March 10, 2014

Pysanky Candle Holder

I found this thingy and decided to give it a remodel

 I think it was some sort of a miniature candle holder.  Too big for birthday candles but too small for tapers. 

I mean what is Easter without glitter?

It just needed something else....

I shaved the end of each taper so I could cram it into the little holders!

Blew off the excess wax....

And voila it's a wee bit tacky, but that"s what Easter fun is all about...the glitter!!!
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  1. You realize you're going to create a run on the JD dealerships now, right? This is a perfect marriage of glue & glitter & pretty things that weren't stuck together previously. Eggs-cellent.

    (I was at an antiques/crafts sale type thing yesterday and noticed a grab bag table. Unlike you, I wasn't as brave. Plus I was distracted by other stuff that I-just-had-to-have!)

  2. Oh my goodness, I am snorting over here envisioning this lovely group of ladies fondling the mystery packages deciding which ones they were going to choose. It is exactly what my sister and I would do. I love that you whittled the candles down to fit. ohhhh beauty.

  3. Haha, too big for birthday candles, to small for tapers??? It make's you wonder what they were making it for. You did a lovely re-purposing job and you made it work. I never would have thought of putting eggs on there. Love the glitter Easter bling!

  4. Clever clever clever! That's brilliant and glitter well you will always have me ith glitter. Any Easter spiders happening? Lol

  5. I find it amusing you spend a girly day out at John Deere! And glitter isn't just what Easter is about. To me, it's what LIFE is about lol

  6. Oh my gosh..I am laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes! Surprise Bag Gods? LMAO! You know I'm not a glitter fan, but I do love your egg candle holder. What I love most is that you crack me up before 7a.m.!!

  7. Haha- bag envy! I do like how you repurposed the candle holder that had no purpose. :)

  8. I think I'm having my first bout og bag-envy!

  9. Oh, I love this one too! Love glitter but I just don't like to work with it! Somehow it travels all around my home after I use it ;)

  10. Perfect! I love the looks like cupcake sprinkles. :) My husband is totally queer for Deere. I can't wait to get mine out on some actual grass this summer. There's a cupholder on it for...Beere.



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