Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Easter Egg Holders and Broken Branches

In keeping in the Easter egg spirit, I decided to try my hand at a less glitzy project. 
 This project was inspired from a fallen tree. 
How sad is that :(

Don't be sad for the little trees.  They are in a good place now.....my windowsill!

These were all hot glued together and drilled with a forstner bit.
 I had to redrill the holes deeper as the egg was bottoming out,

What's Easter without some bling!

I thought this was becoming an obsession like those crazy spiders but after
 I made five of these,  I ran out of wood!

On a happy note, no live trees were harmed
 in the making of these holders, or glass dragonflies, or chickens!


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  1. So creative! Love that idea,

  2. After these turned out so cute, what are the chances you will trek out into the wilderness in search of more downed timber?
    Impressed with your drilling skills.
    What is the formal use of a 'drapery magnet'?
    I love Easter decor!

  3. So pretty! They are egg-celent for presents, but OK, now tell us everything about those pretty eggs too ;) Love your pictures!

  4. How cute are these? Those eggs are precious, yes, what is their story? When Easter has passed will you load up the branch holders with other adornments? I see versatility written all over this project!

  5. What a beautiful and eggcellent way to give a new life to a fallen tree!

  6. You speak drill? These are fabulous. These are my favorite project of yours EVER! You could display so many different things with these. So glad you didn't harm any flora or fauna in the process! LOL!

  7. You mean there is no tree spider I'm so upset! I love it I need a tree to cut down you could stick flame less candles in them down the track, gorgeous.

  8. This is such a darling idea! I'll be viewing The Man's tree trimming in a whole new light!

  9. Man, we cut down a few almost dead trees last year, and I did not save much of the wood. I should have so I could have made these beauties! Awesome project Karen!

  10. You are too clam dever for me. If I tried that, it would be an epic fail. Not worthy of a kindergarten craft class. You, however, are awesome.


  11. Sooo pretty! Now I want to go chop down a tree. Thing the husband would get mad? ;) I think if I tried this, I would lose, at minimum, a finger or two.


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