Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Monster Spray/ Room Spray

   Ever been woken up from a dead sleep, to feel an unearthly chill clinging to your spine with glowing monster eyes peering at you from the darkness of your closet?  Then, without warning, a growling monster jumps from the shadows and chases you to your mommy's bed?
  Well it happened to me the other night so I thought I would whip up a batch of Monster Spray 
 Tried and tested with two thumbs up, by me and many children, all over the world!

Personalized Monster sprays for Christmas gifts!
  Homemade labels and dollar store stickers help dress up the containers!

H20 is a must no matter what recipe you use.
  I prefer distilled as there are no deposits to clog your pump..
You can just spray water from a bottle and try
 to trick those nasty critters
 but I find adding a scent works much better.  You can also
 add other ingredients to make your spray mix more refined!
 Recipes below.

 Sticker paper and Microsoft Word to create my labels.

The label gets covered in clear packing tape to keep it waterproof.

You can make an the adult version.
  We call it Room Spray. 
 It supposedly keeps crabby teenagers away!

Monster Spray Recipe #1
2 cups distilled water
30-35 drops of fragrance oil or essential oil
mix well and pour into a spray bottle. 
Shake well before each use!

Monster Spray Recipe #2
2 cups distilled water
30-35 drops fragrance oil or essential oil
30-35 drops polysorbate 80
Mix well and pour into spray bottle
The essential oil and polysorbate 80 should be of the same measure.
  You can use more or less of each, pending on how strong you want your spray.
If you would like a toxicity rating for polysorbate 80, click here.
I use this rating system to see if there is risk to humans,  animals, and the environment, when making any types of perfumes or soaps.

Monster Spray Recipe #3
1-3/4 cups distilled water
1/4 cup vodka
30-35 drops of fragrance oil or essential oil
Mix well and pour into spray bottle.
Toxicity rating for ethanol (vodka) found here.

The polysorbate 80,  ensures the water and oil mix.  It's called an emulsifier or surfactant.  The vodka also helps emulsify the oil and water.  These chemicals will keep your water from turning cloudy too, although I don't think the little ones would notice. 
  You may choose to keep your monster spray chemical free. 
 The choice is yours!
Good luck with those creepers!
  I finally got rid of mine with 12 drops cinnamon,
  8 drops of orange and 5 drops
 ylang ylang oil in my Monster Spray!!

  Took a whole bottle at Christmas but we are safe and everybody thinks I am a superhero and a great baker!
 I have to thank Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl
 for doing a Room Spray post on her blog. 
 She steered me to the awesome
 metal sprayers from the dollar tree.  I usually use the plastic ones
but love the look of the metal.  They make awesome gifts.
  You can check out her recipes here!  She has some lovely combinations of scents!