Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dormer Drywall Part Thirteen

A break from hearts and monsters for
 a quick peek at dormer #1.

We went shopping yesterday and found some sweet curtains for the (man cave) room.  A little premature considering we have yet to complete the trim work and paint.  But as you can see from the picture above, there are no icicles hanging from the eaves.  If you would have seen this same picture a year ago, it would have looked something like a three year olds nose,
 suffering from a nasty nasal virus.  
  It means we are no longer losing heat from that side
 of the roof or money from the inside of our wallets!
RITVA Curtains with tie-backs, 1 pair IKEA

Looking forward to a speedy delivery of the ceiling tiles.
 One week has passed so maybe one more week and they will be at the post office!
Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Inc. Store - Evergreen - Styrofoam Ceiling Tile - 20x20 -
The faux tin tiles will be glued right to the ceiling.

A layer of Styrofoam was used to cover the ceiling and all exterior walls which were built back in the caveman days. (pre-insulation)   This helped seal up drafts and cold that was entering into the 110 year old home through uninsulated surfaces.  Drywall was attached right over the Styrofoam.  This made for an unbelievably rigid wall!

This afternoon, a coat of paint.
  Next up, a new floor.
  She needs some work.... a lot of work! 
 Probably weeks of work as we are the Feral Turtles.

A crappy picture but meet the newest addition!   I haven't named her yet...


  1. I always love it when I get to the painting part of an interior project. Probably because I HATE doing the drywall work so much. When you finally get to slap some paint up, you know that most of the tedious stuff is almost behind you, so you can get to the really fun decorating parts soon! I do like the color of curtains you chose. They are very similar to the ones that I have in my bedroom.

    And your newest spider addition is wonderful! Love the color combos you chose for this one!

  2. I just went back and read your dormer adventure, wow, what a great amount of work you all have put into this space! It's looking wonderful. I can't wait to see the ceiling tiles up!

  3. Oh, it already looks like a room. A few coats of paint and you can decorate!

  4. Yay for hanging on to your heat and your money! Just looking at that dry wall made me sneeze again! I love those ceiling tiles and will be interested to see that post! Your spider is lovely!

  5. I just had a big shiver thinking about no insulation on your exterior walls. Brrrrrr. So glad you are going to be nice and toasty. I love the ceiling tiles!!! Love the spider!!!

  6. It's looking great! I love those ceiling tiles- that will look awesome!

  7. It's already looking great! I love the angles in the room, so much character! Once you paint it and install those pretty tiles the only thing left is decor, yay! ;) Love your newest addition!

  8. It's looking really great! We live in a 120 year old double yellow brick house that has no insulation in the plaster and lath walls whatsoever, so I know of what you speak. Our attic is insulated though so that helps a lot. I've been contemplating using some of those glue up faux tin ceiling tiles in a few rooms but have never gotten around to it, so I'll be really interested to see how installing them goes for you. I love the pattern, and I'm sure they'll look awesome!

  9. I love the tiles it's going to be so great! I hope they're the only spiders you have in there :)

  10.'s really coming together! And so glad you had that cute little spider to supervise!


  11. I know you have been so patient, but it is looking SO good. I'm excited for you to have a new space!

  12. J'ai aimé ton post , bon courage por les travaux, ca va être superbe ! très bon week-end à toi !

  13. She is so pretty, Miss dormer drywall update spider! How awesome that you are saving money and storing heat!! We have terrible ice cycles, I should send you a picture, but then again, you're so over that. Those ceiling times are gorgeous!! Can't wait to see your next update, good luck on the progress

  14. Wow, major home renovation! That is going to be really cool. I've never had a house with dormers, but have always dreamed of one. It just doesn't quite fit the Southwest home style, however!


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