Monday, February 24, 2014

Wine Labeling Made Easy

I am well on my way to becoming one of those systematic gurus  that even Martha would envy! Now I can find my wine bottles more quickly!

I built a wine cellar in the cold storage room a while back.
  You can click here to see it.

I was quite happy with it

I found this while cleaning out my office
I bought this paper about a year ago for the Cricut, but hadn't used it.  It was 5o% off the markdown price!  Good score.  The only problem was it really didn't stick well and kept coming off.
 My solution was to use contact cement.

Hubby took up the art of beer brewing from grains, which I must say,
 is much more intense than making raspberry wine. 
 He has been filling the wine storage with beer.

Back to the art of drinking....I mean organizing.
I used my label maker to make labels for each batch, which was great, but when I came across the above mentioned chalkboard paper, I knew I could make it even better!

See how hard it is to read the words on the picture?  Well that's what it was like trying to find the perfect wine.

This is what I did......
Chalkboard paper was cut into strips using the handy grid on the back.

A cardboard jig cut out to the size of the chalkboard paper.

Jig is laid over the area to be sprayed and the over spray stays contained!

Adhesive is sprayed to chalkboard paper too.  I used a contact cement aerosol.  Both surfaces are sprayed, left to dry and then adhered to one another for an excellent bond. 

Then the unthinkable happened.  I ran out of chalkboard paper.    Luckily sister number two had the same stash and rescued me! Thank you Sister Number Two.!!!!
  I owe you a bottle.  Take your pick!

As you can see below, I took a lot of pictures!
A lot!!

Luckily there is always room for more!
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  1. I wanted to really envy your chalkboard paper find, but then your wine stash came up and all train of thought was lost. Wine.....

    Oh, yeah. The whole display turned out really well! Simple to do, but fabulous outcome!

  2. you have a guest bed down in that cold storage room?? I don't think the cold would be a problem after a little while! Your new labels are definitely better. Fabulous score and wonderful sister-save. I kind of think that chocolate orange port sounds lovely. Or maybe the golden strong ale. Love this project!

  3. I love the look of chalk on chalkboard! Rustic, simple and perfect. I'll bunk down with Danni. We can snuggle to keep warm between sips of beverage.

  4. I notice the only thing I knew "Gew├╝rztraminer" was empty. I swear I didn't drink all the bottles!

  5. You know that Dormer you're building, can you set it up for seven because there is an odd not quite little Aussie family on their way. I LOVE your cellar I love the labels and I so want to come and have a few drinks with you!!! YAY for sister number 2

  6. Love, love love your chalk paint wine crate labeling system!!! I can't believe the difference your new labels make. I'll bet your brewmeister is quite pleased, too! I can see why you took so many pics. Very nice Karen, it's what ever cellar needs, in my opinion :-)

  7. Okay WAIT. You have your own wine cellar??? That's it. I'm moving in to your dormer room post haste. I hope there's a fireman's pole that lands directly in the cellar.

    Oh, and I also have that coaster, but mine says, "how classy people get shi-----ed." You get it.


  8. Wow, WOW that's it, you're having big company! Love the new labeling system, the wine cellar and of course your pictures, so pretty!

  9. Oh my goodness -- that is some wine storage you have there! I want to come for a tasting, & I'll bring the cheese and crackers!


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