Sunday, February 9, 2014

Homemade Chai Tea Bags For Your Sweetheart

I am riding the cheesy Love Train and all things heart!!
   My first stop was at  Valentine Sliders!
Next stop...Heart Chai Tea Bags.

I gathered my supplies: coffee filters, red string, heart cookie cutter, red scrapbook paper, homemade chai, RECIPE HERE!  coffee grinder, and of course my sewing machine sporting red thread!

Iron coffee filters so they are fairly flat and wrinkle free.

Trace around the cookie cutter.

Cut out

Cut small hearts from red scrapbook paper and knot each end of red thread cut to about seven inches long.  Knot will help catch on the staple of your chai label and also catch on the inside of the teabag when stitched together.

Stitch 4 hearts together with string of label in between the four layers of coffee filter at the top of the heart.  Leave an opening as shown above.  I used 4 so that the thread wouldn't rip through the paper.

I put about 1 heaping tablespoon of my homemade chai between the doubled up layers of coffee filters. ( I ran the chai mix through my spice / coffee grinder to break down into a finer mix. Stitch closed and snip threads.

How romantic is that?

All Aboard......