Friday, October 21, 2011

Dormers For The Old Girl Part 10

PART 10  YAY!!!!!!!!!
If you missed part 9,  CLICK HERE.
We completed our task of getting everything closed up for snow day.    

Scaffold in place and Tyvek on.

 Attic vent hole cut.

A few more views.
Last window installed.  Gable vent in place. Roof return (bottom corner) still needs to be shingled.

Roof is completely shingled.  Yay.

The dormers in all their glory!

Fascia and soffit on.  Notice the 2x2s.  We had to shim out the wall to make it level with the old stucco.  This is prep work for the siding which we will install one day......

Eavestrough is installed.

Setting up scaffold for last side of house.  She needs to be dressed up with some fascia and soffit.
Some of the soffit on.

That's me installing j-trim.Check out my lovely layers of clothing.  It's getting chilly out so I am glad we are done.  Speaking of clothing, I am going to rave about some awesome gloves.  They are called Hyflex by Ansell.  I prefer the yellow gloves and have burned through 4 pairs.  They have saved me from asphalt  and wood slivers. (not hammering your fingers though)  I love them.  Unfortunately this is the last pair, and I didn't get a before picture of them so the coating has started to wear off..  The white and grey are OK too but I loved the support and flexibility of these ones.  They also helped keep my hands warm as the weather got chillier.

Fascia and soffit complete on old house.



This picture was taken this morning.  Kind of feels like we are in for snow today.

So glad to be finished......well for now.
 Thanks for sharing our journey.  Stay tuned for some inside work and some Christmas crafts!

Click here to see the journey continue.  Interior work begins



  1. Well done you clever couple! This adds so much to the style of your house and I bet it just floods the interior with light. Such a daunting job but you've done great. I hear you on the snow. At our former home we could get snow by Halloween and deal with it all winter. Glad to be closer to family AND in a snow free zone. But still, time to button it up for cold weather. This project turned out great!

  2. I love what you're doing to your old house!! I'll be checking in to see how it's going and checking out your great projects.
    I have a new blog too, so come visit me at

  3. Thank you guys! I am so very excited to start the next round of renos. I am taking it easy for the time being, working on a few craft ideas. I appreciate all the supportive comments. "Hugs" to you and thanks for following.

  4. Wow!! What a major project. Great Job!!!
    Thanks for visiting and following saving4six. Following you right back!

  5. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Marshmallow Wreath! Your house was a huge project! We renovated our 100 year old house too but it's worth it in the end!


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