Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine Barrette or a Beer Bow

The Cupid Dude is back which means another episode of Salt Dough!

A barrette clip.

Dollar Store ribbon and some jewelry wire threaded on a needle will make the base for the barrette.

I just kept threading until it felt fairly full.

I twisted and tied the wire and then hot glued the ends of the ribbon together for a finished look.

A blob of hot glue helps secure the clip to the ribbon.

My new spider wanted to model the barrette, but she stole the shot.
She is one sexy Skullder!

I hot glued the Salt Dough heart, (RECIPE HERE)  to the front of the ribbon ball.
A big thanks to my special model!
This is gonna make the perfect bow for a "Bucket of Beer"


  1. Look at you, all crafting up a storm lately! Cupid really poked you right in the butt, huh? lol. Very nice hair bow, and looks really easy to put together. You made a Valentine's spider too? Now that is awesome!

  2. You have a spider for any occasion, don't you? I love the bow barrette!

  3. Yes, I'm really liking this spider for every occassion thing. I'm curious about the beer bow, too. Is that a get together, that is yet to happen? If that is the case, then you must wear the dough barrette! Very cute!

  4. Well that looks lovely! I would have to put mine around a bucket of hair is way too short! I love the little skull bead spider!

  5. So I am not a fan of spiders but that one is a stunner! A beer bow, hmm I think I need to make one for my valentine and perhaps later he can gift it to one of the girls what a pretty idea.

  6. Spider definitely stole the shot! And we mustn't forget Cupid...he's HOT! =D



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