Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dormer Floor Part 17

If only I was like Tom Sawyer.
  I could have swoon-doggled some poor sucker into painting the ceiling. 
  People were crashing their cars, straining their necks like me, to see what the heck I was looking at.  
 Of course I was almost cross eyed trying to look down so I wouldn't slip on the ice.
But before all that came a painted ceiling.
Nothing exciting like copper or tin...just white.

Or you can see the whole Dormer Series Here

Now before you say "What????  It looks the same!",  I left the edge unpainted!  But you are right...white is white.  Just not egg carton white

And now.......Drumroll Please...............

This is why I liked this so much.   It looks like I ripped the damn stuff myself in my very own  sawmill!

This is what I woke up to  yesterday:
Picture the birds singing happily!
The arrow on the left is pointing to bare ground.  Can you believe it!    The arrow on the right is one of the Adirondack chairs.   This week was the first time we got a glimpse of these chairs since Christmas. I was screaming, " Look out campfire coffee, here I come!"

And then I woke up to this......again.......

Next step is the molding!
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  1. Oh it's all looking so beautiful flooring, must mean you're almost done YAY. my parents have flooring klike that I had to actually bend down and ouch it its so realistic.

  2. Craaaaaap!!!! More snow!!! And I thought we had it bad down here! But the floor is fracking amazing as is the ceiling. Your room is going to be so incredible! Especially after the pole gets installed! I love my little spider. She's hanging in my window. =D


  3. Oh wow, it all looks so good! The ceiling tiles finally arrived :) and the floor looks awesome too! I guess reveal time is coming pretty soon ;)

  4. White is white, but it's gorgeous on that ceiling, good choice. How exciting that you were able to move on to the flooring so soon and like you, I love that beat up, rustic look of your flooring. We keep getting the same spring teaser weather that you're. They're talking more snow for Monday here :E

  5. Yay Karen! That ceiling is beautiful as well as the flooring. I bet you can't wait for spring :)

    We are now summer here at the other part of the world. It is really hot and humid.


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