Friday, March 21, 2014

Picture Perfect Easter Egg Holder

 We start the day with bird poop, and of course barn board.

What's a piece of barn-board without a bit of dung?
Well I guess it's barn-board without dung but really the bird crap is not the main attraction here.
The main attraction is another pysanky holder, but this time, on the wall.

Cut out all the letters and frames with one of those cutters that I can't name cuz they don't sponsor me!
 Okay I used my Cricut......which is a handy tool for letters.  

All the letters and frames are put in place for adhesion.

Eventually I just rubbed that blob in.  It added that patina look to the board that even
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint can't give you!

I used a substance that sealed the paper to the board (a sponsor op for you Modge Podge).... and then gave the whole thing a coat to seal in the dung!

Made a bow using wire to hold it secure

and then added the bow to a long strand to hang the dung art with.

Whoever receives this little beauty or dung holder, however you see it,
 will get to glue their own Ukrainian Easter Eggs to it!

Now I bet the only thing you can focus on is the bird splatter up in the right I right?

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  1. Hello! New here! Have seen your comments on "delusions of ingenuity" and was always fascinated by your blog name. Then today she showed off the spider you sent so I decided it was time to visit. These eggs are so gorgeous. Had a friend who used to do them. Your holders are brilliant and I'm totally lusting after all your wood. So! Glad to meet 'cha! Be seeing you in my Inbox! Dona

  2. Ahahaha! I love how you through out those sponsor hints! I know Silhouette Cameo was looking for craft bloggers a few weeks back for their newsletter. Maybe Cricut does is too? Never hurts to give them an email to ask!

    Your egg holder is cute, bird turds and all :) You are definitely ready for Easter!

  3. Love the eggs and the board, dung and all ;)

  4. That is so precious, and the ribbon added the finishing touch. I truly like it. Oh! There's bird poop on there? You should have mentioned it. lol

  5. You know you might be able to start your own line of bird doo products... go up against ASCP and all the others. Yet another totally awesome Pysanky holder and very clever wording. Too cute!!

  6. Very cool Karen! I love anything made with barn wood! Poop and's a great project! No eastery spiders with big ears??

  7. Too cute !!! ( I have an image of you rubbing bird doo with your fingers - please tell me you had gloves on or I won't be able to sleep tonight - I'm still very very scarred over the mouse situation we walked into with this house LOL )

  8. Yes, my eye went right to the poop smudge--ROFL! ;)

  9. Bird poop is the best part... More patina than Annie Sloan. Hey, we should start a brand. I'm beginning to collect bird poop tomorrow morning. We are going to be rich!!! I had a long day, please, let me dream!

  10. Well I need to start more of my days with bird poop it seems. That's really cool, btw no body sponsors my cutter either, man I'd love a few feeeebies lol

  11. Here's what I have to say about this post:


    -andi :)

  12. Love your sign! We have no shortage of bird poop in the summer. Somehow it seems to disappear in the winter... all that snow camouflage. I may have to leave some pieces of barn board out in the yard when warm weather comes and let the birds have at them.

  13. Bird poop....right...I have lots if you need some more. :) Every project needs a little bird plop.


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