Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pysanky / Ukrainian Easter Egg Tutorial

I am by no means an expert at this and I apologize to all of the real Pysanky experts, heck I'm not even Ukrainian! 

So here we go.  A non Ukrainian Pysanky tutorial:

You will want your eggs at room temperature.  Wash eggs thoroughly and wipe with vinegar.   You can create your pattern with a light leaded pencil.  I use an elastic to try and keep my lines straight. 

You start with  the lightest color you want on the egg, which is usually white.  Everything you want to remain that color, cover with wax, using the kistka.  My wax is red colored so the wax is red on the egg!

 Then you dye the egg the next color working from light to dark, mine being yellow

 Wherever the wax is, the dye will not penetrate.  You keep going until you come to your darkest color which is usually black. 

 You end up with an egg covered with wax.  Now you remove the wax with the side of a candle flame. 
 With your egg close to the side of the flame, carefull melt the wax.  Wipe with a paper towel, repeat beside flame and wipe until wax is removed.
Oops,  I had trouble staying in the lines...blame it on the raspberry wine!

  I used a Dremel with a pointed carbide burr bit to create a small hole at each end of the egg.  Blow the contents into the sink or compost, as the egg insides are not useable. I rest my blown egg on a skewer poked in styrofoam and apply a coat of sealer. 
This one got two coats.


 A doodad kind of gem is applied with hot glue to each end of the egg and it is placed in a fancy egg holder .

  And if you stand back, way looks pretty good...right?
In fact you might say to yourself,
 "Self, she is totally Ukrainian!"

 Enjoy your perfect dust collector and Happy Easter.
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  1. I'm thinking totally Ukrainian they are amazing Karen ive never seen anything like it before.

  2. I love the designs. Those eggs are truly befitting of their fancy holders.

  3. Hey, Ukrainian girl! I think your explanations are perfeclty clear. Especially the "extra arrow that is there and you don't know why". I'm not as talented as you are though, because from where I stand (an ocean away), your eggs looks wonderful!

  4. This is a perfect tutorial on how to make a Pysanky Easter egg!! Now I completely understand how the wax application works, you've also included all the tools needed (including an extra arrow, lol) I even know what a kistka is now. These turned out beautifully!

    I would think any Ukrainian person would be so proud of you carrying on their tradition with such care and passion, they would have to be crazy if they didn't.

  5. I don't even know which one I like best. They are all so gorgeous! I think you could definitely pass for a Ukrainian any day if you showed up with any one of these babies!

  6. It looks like you have Ukrainian blood in your veins! You're an expert, look at the results: Amazing designs!

  7. I think your eggs are sooo pretty! Great tutorial! I never would have understood the process without all the great pics.

  8. Omigosh these are so beautiful, but I'm just going to come to your site to look at them, because I swear I do not have the patience to do something like this. I would end up stabbing myself in the eyeball.

    Or maybe I just need more wine.


  9. I want to come to your house and make these!!!! Or at least find a Ukranian, buy a vial of blood, try and find the supplier of all the equipment and then finally make them on my own. I have no raspberry wine so mine aren't going to turn out as gorgeous as yours.

  10. Well, I am of Ukranian ancestry, but I don't the egg decorating gene was passed along to me.

  11. Your eggs are beautiful! I've never seen this technique before, great tutorial.

  12. wow! absolutely beautiful eggs! Thank for sharing the tutorial!
    New Zealand Kiwi fruit website

  13. Pisanki are polish national old tradition, not only from Ukraine!


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